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Privacy Policy

This privacy policy delineates the practices of this website concerning the collection, processing, and purpose of user data. It specifically addresses the information gathered by the website, providing insights into what personal data is collected, how it is processed, and with whom it may be shared. Additionally, the policy outlines how users can access and control the data collected, along with the available choices regarding its use. It details the security measures in place to prevent any misuse of user data. Lastly, the policy guides users on correcting inaccuracies or mistakes in the information, if any. By utilizing this website, you are in agreement with the Privacy Policy and its associated terms and conditions.

By using this website, you agree to the Privacy Policy and its terms and conditions.

User's Access to and Control Over Their Information

Feel free to contact us through the email address provided on our website if you wish to inquire about the data collected about you, request changes or corrections to your existing data, or opt for the complete deletion of all data collected from you. You are also welcome to express any concerns or pose queries regarding the use of the data collected by our website. Additionally, you have the option to opt-out of any future contact with us. It's important to note that Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) requires this information to facilitate an informed decision-making process for your eTA for Canada. This ensures a smooth boarding process and entry into Canada without complications.


We prioritize the security of the information collected from you by implementing comprehensive precautions on the website. Any sensitive or private information you submit on the website is safeguarded both online and offline. Particularly, sensitive information such as credit card or debit card data is securely transmitted to us through encryption. The presence of a closed lock icon on your web browser or the 'https' at the beginning of the URL serves as evidence of this encryption. Thus, encryption is a crucial measure that aids in protecting your personal and sensitive information when transmitted online.

Likewise, we ensure the offline protection of your information by limiting access to any data that personally identifies you only to select employees who require the information to perform tasks related to your request. The computers and servers housing your information are also fortified and secured to prevent unauthorized access.

Processing Your Request / Order

In accordance with our terms and conditions, it is imperative that you furnish us with the necessary information required to process your request or order on our website. This encompasses personal, contact, travel, and biometric information, such as your full name, date of birth, address, email address, passport details, travel itinerary, as well as financial information like credit/debit card number and expiry date.

While applying for the Canada eTA, you are obligated to provide this information. Please note that this information will solely be utilized for the purpose of fulfilling your order and will not be employed for any marketing purposes. In the event that we encounter any challenges or require additional information, we will utilize the contact information provided by you to communicate and address the matter.

Information Collection, Use, and Sharing

The information gathered by this website is the sole property of our organization. We only collect or have access to information voluntarily provided by users through email or other direct forms of contact. The information collected is not shared or rented to any external parties. It is utilized solely to respond to user inquiries and fulfill the tasks they have contacted us for. User information will not be shared with any third party outside of our organization unless it is necessary to do so to process their request.

Modification and changes to this Privacy Policy

"Our Privacy Policy is a dynamic document that may be subject to changes based on various factors, including legal considerations, alterations to our Terms and Conditions, responses to government legislation, and other relevant factors. This policy is living and subject to modification, and we reserve the right to make changes at our discretion. Please be aware that we may or may not notify users of these changes. Any modifications made to this Privacy Policy take effect immediately upon publication. Users are encouraged to regularly review this policy to stay informed about any updates or alterations. It is crucial to understand that by continuing to use our services after any changes to the Privacy Policy, users implicitly agree to the updated terms and conditions. We acknowledge the importance of user awareness, and it is the responsibility of users to stay informed about this Privacy Policy. During the Canada Visa Application process, users are asked to accept our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. Users are provided with an opportunity to read, review, and provide feedback on our Privacy Policy before submitting their application and payment. We appreciate your attention to these terms and your commitment to staying informed about our policies."


Users are advised to exercise discretion when clicking on any links contained on this website. It's important to note that we are not responsible for the privacy policies of other websites linked here. Users are strongly encouraged to independently read the privacy policies of these external websites themselves. Understanding the privacy policies of external websites is crucial as they may have different practices and policies from ours. This disclaimer serves to emphasize the user's responsibility in making informed decisions regarding their online interactions and data sharing when navigating to other websites through links provided on our platform. We prioritize transparency and user empowerment in making informed choices about their online activities and engagements.

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