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Terms and Conditions

By accessing and using this website, it is assumed that you have thoroughly read, understood, and agreed to the terms and conditions outlined herein. These terms and conditions are formulated to protect the legal interests of both the company and the user. In the context of these terms, 'the applicant,' 'the user,' and 'you' refer to those utilizing the eTA CANADA SERVICES on this website for their eTA application, while 'we,' 'us,' and 'our' pertain to this website.

The utilization of our website and the services it offers is contingent upon your agreement to all the terms and conditions specified here. Therefore, you can only make use of our website and the associated services once you have agreed to abide by all the terms and conditions outlined herein.

Personal data

The following categories of personal data are collected and stored in the database of this website: names; date and place of birth; passport details; data of issue and expiration; type of supporting evidence/documents; phone and email address; postal and permanent address; cookies; technical computer details; payment record, etc. All information provided is securely registered and maintained within the database of this website, and the confidentiality of personal data is strictly upheld. The data will not be shared or disclosed to third parties, except in the following situations:

1.Explicit User Consent: When the user explicitly agrees to such actions.

2.Non-Discrimination: In instances where the personal data cannot be discriminated and the user is duly notified.

3.Website Management and Maintenance:When necessary for the management and maintenance of this website.

4.Legal Obligation:In response to a legally binding order mandating the disclosure of information.

5.Legal Requirements:If the law necessitates the provision of these details.

6.Non-Discriminatory Format:In a format where personal information cannot be discriminated.

The company will process the application utilizing the information provided by the applicant. It is important to emphasize that this website bears no responsibility for any inaccuracies in the information provided. For a more comprehensive understanding of our confidentiality regulations, please refer to our Privacy Policy.

About Our Services and Delivery Policy

We function as a private, third-party online application service provider based in India, emphasizing our complete independence from any affiliation with the Government of Canada or the Canadian Embassy. Our specialized services are tailored to the meticulous data entry and processing of applications for the eTA Visa Waiver, specifically designed for eligible foreign nationals seeking to visit Canada.

Our comprehensive assistance is geared towards facilitating your acquisition of the Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) from the Government of Canada. We guide you through the application process, carefully reviewing your responses and entered information, providing translation support as necessary, and ensuring precision in terms of accuracy, completeness, grammar, and spelling.

To ensure the efficiency and thoroughness of your eTA Canada request, we may reach out to you via phone or email for any additional information required. Following the completion of the application form on our website, you are given the opportunity to review and make any necessary amendments. Subsequently, payment for our services is required.

Upon receipt of your payment, our team of experts diligently reviews your application before submitting it to the Government of Canada for approval. We take pride in our commitment to swift processing, typically providing same-day updates on your application status via email, unless unforeseen delays occur.

Ownership and Limits on Website Use

This website is the exclusive property of a private entity, and all of its data and content are copyrighted, owned by HARSHAT AIRWING ENTERPRISES. It is imperative to note that we have no affiliation with the Government of Canada.

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Not Immigration Advise

Our services revolve around aiding individuals in processing and submitting their applications for the Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) for Canada. It's important to note that our assistance is strictly limited to the application process, and we do not provide immigration advice for any country as part of our services. Our primary focus is on ensuring a smooth and efficient application submission for those seeking to obtain the eTA for Canada.

Exemption from Responsibility

It's crucial to acknowledge that this website does not offer a guarantee for the acceptance or approval of Canada eTA applications. Our services are specifically focused on the meticulous verification, review, and submission of your Canada eTA application to the Canada eTA system.

The ultimate decision concerning the approval or rejection of the application rests entirely with the Government of Canada. The website and its agents cannot be held responsible for any potential rejection that may occur due to factors such as incorrect, missing, or incomplete information in the applicant's submission. Ensuring the provision of valid, accurate, and complete information is the sole responsibility of the applicant and plays a pivotal role in enhancing the likelihood of a successful application.

You can make avail for yourself the use of our website and the services that we offer on it only upon agreeing to all of the terms and conditions set herein.

Security and Temporary Suspension of Service

To safeguard the website and the information stored in its database, we retain the right to implement alterations or introduce new security measures without prior notice. Additionally, we reserve the right to withdraw and/or limit any individual user's access to this website, or enact any necessary measures deemed essential for the protection of our platform.

Furthermore, we assert the right to temporarily suspend the website and its services under various circumstances, including but not limited to:

System Maintenance:

Temporary suspension may occur for scheduled system maintenance to enhance performance and security.

External Factors Beyond Control:

Unforeseen events such as natural disasters, protests, software updates, or any external factors beyond our control may necessitate a temporary suspension of services.

Infrastructure Issues:

Temporary suspension may be enforced due to unforeseen electricity cuts, fires, or other infrastructure-related challenges.

Changes in Management System:

Changes in the management system may lead to temporary suspensions for seamless transitions.

Technical Difficulties:

Technical challenges that impede the smooth functioning of the website may prompt a temporary suspension.

These measures are implemented to ensure the ongoing integrity and security of our platform.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in these situations. Please be assured that we strive to minimize any inconvenience and resume normal operations as swiftly as possible.

For further details regarding our policies and procedures, please refer to our Terms of Service and any applicable policies outlined on our website.

Change of Terms and Conditions

We maintain the right to modify the terms and conditions governing the user's utilization of this website, driven by factors including security enhancements, legal requirements, regulatory updates, and other relevant considerations. Your continued use of this website implies your acceptance of and commitment to comply with the revised terms of use.

It is your responsibility to regularly check for any alterations or updates to the terms and conditions before continuing to use this website and the services it offers. By doing so, you acknowledge your understanding of the dynamic nature of these terms and your commitment to adhering to the most current version.

We are dedicated to providing a secure and transparent online experience, and any changes made are with the intention of enhancing the overall user experience and aligning with the latest legal and regulatory standards. Your vigilance in staying informed about these updates ensures a seamless and compliant interaction with our website and services.

We reserve the right to make any changes to the terms and conditions binding the user’s use of this website, for various reasons such as security, legal, regulatory, etc. By continuing to use this website you will be assumed to have agreed to abide by the new terms of use and it is your responsibility to check for any alterations or updates in the same before continuing to make use of this website and the services offered on it.

For further details or clarifications regarding our terms and conditions, we encourage you to refer to the latest version posted on our website or contact our support team for assistance.


In the event that you are found to be in non-compliance with the terms and conditions established by this website, we retain the right to terminate your access to the website and its associated services. Adherence to these terms is paramount to maintaining a secure and harmonious online environment.

Termination of access may occur if there is a clear violation of the stipulated terms and conditions. We take such measures to uphold the integrity of our platform, protect the rights and interests of all users, and ensure a positive online experience for everyone.

It is advised to familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions outlined on this website and to act in accordance with them. If you have any questions or require clarification on specific terms, feel free to reach out to our support team for assistance.

We appreciate your cooperation in maintaining a respectful and compliant online community. Our commitment to providing a secure and user-friendly environment is at the forefront of our efforts.

Applicable Law

The terms and conditions set herein are governed by and fall under the jurisdiction of Indian law. In case of any legal proceedings, all parties will be subject to the jurisdiction of Indian courts.

Not Immigration Advise

We specialize in aiding individuals with the processing and submission of applications for the Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) for Canada. It's important to note that our services exclusively cover the facilitation of the eTA application process, and we do not provide immigration advice for any country as part of our services.

Our dedicated team is committed to ensuring a seamless and efficient experience for those seeking to obtain a Canada eTA. From guiding through the application steps to facilitating the submission process, our focus is solely on the successful processing of eTA applications.

It's essential for users to be aware that while we excel in streamlining the eTA application journey, we do not offer advisory services related to broader immigration matters. Individuals seeking comprehensive immigration advice are advised to consult with relevant immigration authorities or seek legal counsel.

Our commitment remains centered on delivering reliable and expert assistance specifically tailored to the eTA application process, contributing to a hassle-free experience for our valued users.