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Cancellation And Refund Policy

Our services focus solely on providing clerical assistance and language translation in 104 languages. We do not offer immigration advice or guidance to immigrants. Our commitment lies in delivering efficient and accurate clerical services to enhance the application process for our users.

Although historical results indicate that 98% of applications have been approved by the immigration office within 72 hours, past results should not be considered as indicative of future outcomes.

While we do not guarantee the approval of applications, we assure our users that our language translation services—from your language to English—will be error-free, and we ensure that your photo will meet the required standards.

We would like to inform our users that once an application has been submitted on the Government website, irrespective of the outcome, no refunds of $74 USD will be provided for the eVisa application.

Please be aware that past historical results do not serve as an indicator of future outcomes. While historical data may provide insights into the performance of previous applications, it's important to understand that each application is unique and subject to individual considerations, circumstances, and regulatory changes.

As the immigration landscape evolves, factors influencing application outcomes may change. Therefore, we emphasize that any success rates or outcomes from the past should not be relied upon as a guarantee or predictor of future results.

Our commitment is to provide accurate and reliable services to facilitate the application process, but we want our users to approach the future with an understanding that outcomes may vary based on individual circumstances and the prevailing immigration policies at the time of application.

We want to clarify that our services do not extend to providing immigration advice or guidance to immigrants. While we are dedicated to offering clerical services and language translation support in 104 languages, we do not engage in providing advice or guidance on immigration matters.

It's important for users to be aware that any information or assistance we provide is specific to the application process and does not constitute immigration advice. Individuals seeking comprehensive guidance on immigration-related matters are encouraged to consult with relevant immigration authorities or seek professional legal advice to ensure that they receive accurate and up-to-date information tailored to their specific situation.

Our role is to facilitate the clerical aspects of the application process, ensuring accurate documentation and language translation services to enhance the overall application experience for our users

It's important to note that we do not make any promises regarding the approval or rejection of the application.

If we fail to provide eTA details in 3 hours then addition services charges of $9 USD will be refunded back to your account, for this you need to mail us regarding refund then only refund of $9 USD will be initiated, If you fail to send mail then no refund will be initiated automatic.